A Bit of Poetry


Morning mists rising from the lake
Soft sounds a bird calling
Dew on the grass
Leaves the trail of trespassers.

The night sky turns red
As dawn breaks
A sliver of light
On the horizon.

Dappled light breaking
Through the trees
Casting shadows
On the forest floor.

Thursday Verses

Do Not Cry

Do not cry for me
For I am not here
I am the wind,
The earth and water.

Do not cry for me
For I am at peace
I am light and dark,
The sun and moon.

Do not cry for me
For I am free
I am soft and gentle
The mists and fog.

Do not cry for me
For I am the light touch
You feel on your cheek
When you think of me.

A Bit of Poetry for Friday


Lightning flashes across the night sky
Turning darkness into light
Thunder rumbles deep and long
Shaking the ground like an earthquake.

Stiff winds howl through the trees
Branches whipping back and forth
Driving rain pelting the earth
Tiny puddles growing into pools.

Creatures burrow deeper
In their shelters seeking refuge
Grass and tender plants laid flat
From the onslaught of the storm.

Monday Morning

The alarm clock shrieking in my ear
Head pounding a leftover of last night
Sitting upright slowly with great effort
Feet slow to hit the floor.

Shuffle to the shower
Stinging spray brings a gasp
Adjust the faucet to a more tepid degree
Shampoo in my eyes causing tears.

Stubbed toe getting out of the shower
Could this day get any worse?
Getting dressed and nothing matches
Monday morning has come to visit.

Sunday Poetry

A couple of poems for Sunday morning.


Standing on the edge of the abyss
Struggling with my demons
Indecision holding me tight
Run away or stand and fight.

Life closing in around me
Sucking out the air
Draining me of all energy
Losing the will to go on.

Looking deep in my soul
Searching for the resolve
Reaching down to my core
Gaining strength to fight the battle.


Walking in the sand
At the water’s edge
Each footstep washed away
By the rise and fall of the surf.

No tale tell signs
Of intrusion
Only the moment to be treasured
Recalled through memory.

With each step moving through life
Creating memories and moments
To be remembered
Over and over fondly.

Poetry Friday

Here is another attempt at poetry. I think I like writing poetry. I’m not sure I’m very good, but it is fun.

Lost Love

Tears of a broken heart
Flow abashed down cheeks
Trust lost in a moment
Takes a lifetime to regain.

Pain deep in the core
Of one’s being
Will always just below
Waiting to resurface.

Eyes forever show
A haunted gaze
Remembering love lost
Wishing for a reprieve.

Boredom is Setting In

This is going to be a  long three months.  It’s only been five days since my surgery and I am so bored.  I am so bored that I’m trying my hand at poetry.  Below are my first two attempts.


Gentle Waves

Sitting on the end of the dock

Staring at the vastness of water

Lost in thought

Dreaming of floating away

On the soft gentle waves

Free of all physical boundaries.


The Warmth on My Face

I lean back in my chair

Face tilted toward the light

Feeling the warmth

Washing over me

Making me smile.